As Purchased To Edible Portion Conversions

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make you crazy, like As Purchased To Edible Portion Conversions (AP/EP)

CostGuard Calculates Shrinkage and AP/EP Calculations for you.

How easy life in the kitchen would be if all ingredients came ready to use with no trimming, waste, shrinkage or expansion to worry about. Since that is not the case, CostGuard helps you with these tedious calculations.

AP (As Purchased) is how most items are bought.

EP (Edible Portion) is what you have left after you prep the item. Some examples of AP/EP conversions include:

•Your case of lettuce weighed 50 pounds when it arrived, after you cut off the outer leaves and core, you have 35 pounds left.

•Your beef ribeye roast was 22 pounds when delivered, but after you cut off the extra fat, you had 19 pounds left.

•Your raw turkey breast weighed 8 pounds before it went into the oven, now after it came out, it weighs 6 ½ pounds.

•From your cooked turkey breast, you sliced 100 1-oz portions. Somehow, you “lost” 4 oz in the slicing.

You are now using this information to cost out your recipes and menus accurately. And, since CostGuard calculates shrinkage for each recipe unit, you can manipulate your usage. CostGuard allows you to set up several different units for the same item, each with their own shrinkage rate.

ChefTec to CostGuard Conversion

Are you caught in the ChefTec trap?

You know, the one where you spend lots of money, keep spending lots of money? Spend more money on support, keep spending more money on support and aren’t very pleased with the support?

And after all that end up with software that’s very complicated, and is (at best) underutilized?

If you’re looking to escape that trap, we’ve got an answer.

You can now convert your ChefTec inventory items and recipes into CostGuard!

Over the years we’ve spoken to many frustrated ChefTec users. And while quite a few have migrated to CostGuard, some haven’t simply because they don’t want to rekey all their recipes.

ChefTec users ask us “Can you convert all those recipes? Yes, we can!!

Entering recipes IS time consuming, after all you’ve done it once. So why do it again?

The solution is the Cheftec to CostGuard conversion. There’s even an option to omit items that are inactive and non-stocked, so all the items that clutter up ChefTec will clutter no longer!


ctec prof cent


There’s no upcharge; it’s included with your CostGuard purchase.

Users find CostGuard to be the ideal combination of features, affordability and ease of use.

Your hard work will not be lost! Now you have a migration path that makes sense and eliminates all that data entry.

Big Data and Food Costing

They call it Big Data, we call it insight.

They call it Waste Management, we call it sustainability.

There is nothing more frustrating than thinking you know what inventory items you have on hand. Yes you can eyeball, but really, with all that’s going on in our brains how can we really keep it together mentally?

We remember how often we were wrong. But we want to be right!

That’s where data comes in. One simple example is seeing your on hand in the CostGuard dashboard (better known as Inventory Manager).


And then translating that to your recipes.

cross ref report

Adding Ethnic Foods to Your Menu

An insightful post from Technomic. Although it’s specific to Canada it resonates with any restaurant that may be anxious about adding supposedly exotic menu items.

A key finding of the Canadian Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report. According to the study, unfamiliarity with ethnic foods is the biggest impediment to consumers trying new cuisines from beyond Canada.

Most intriguing was “Interestingly, younger consumers are more likely than older consumers to say a lack of a description on the menu dissuades them from trying ethnic foods or flavours. Perhaps that is because Millennial and Gen Z customers are so accustomed to having information they need readily accessible at all times on smartphones and tablets. The unknown appears to be a big turnoff for this demographic.”

You can read the entire post here.