ChefTec to CostGuard Conversion


You can now convert your ChefTec inventory items and recipes into CostGuard!

We often get calls from ChefTec users who would like to migrate to CostGuard. And while many have migrated to CostGuard, some haven’t simply because they don’t want to rekey all their recipes.

ChefTec users ask us “Can you convert all those recipes? Yes, we can!!

Entering recipes IS time consuming. After all, you’ve done it once. So why do it again?

The solution is the Cheftec to CostGuard conversion. There’s even an option to omit items that are inactive and non-stocked, so all the items that clutter up ChefTec will clutter no longer!


ctec prof cent


There’s no upcharge; it’s included with your CostGuard purchase.

Users find CostGuard to be the ideal combination of features, affordability and ease of use.

Your hard work will not be lost! Now you have a migration path that makes sense and eliminates all that data entry.

Please see this link for import details.

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