Restaurant Mangement Part II

Standards and Consistency

Repeat business is our lifeblood. Customers come back again and again because they like your food, atmosphere, and service all the time, not just that one time. Specials are a great draw, but make sure the persillade on your regular rack of lamb always has the same amount of garlic and parsley. The guy who comes in every Wednesday after work wants the Old Fashioned he’s used to, not a fruity concoction thrown together by a budding mixologist. Set your standards and enforce them rigorously.

Compromising our Standards

A busy restaurant has more in common with a Roman gladiator arena than with a corporate offices. We work with live ammo and there are no time outs. We have a limited amount of space in our heads and it can be tempting to sacrifice the standards we worked so hard to implement in the name of speed and efficiency. But if tonight we decide not to notice that Julie didn’t set the forks the proper distance from the edge of the table, how soon until we decide not to notice that she stopped smiling when thanking customers? How soon until we decide that medium is “close enough” to medium rare? That the bathrooms are “clean enough for a Monday”?

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