Restaurants Management: Letting the Urgent Crowd Out the Important

Restaurants exist in a state of entropy.

There’s always a leaky toilet, messed up veg order, hungover waitress, or broken oven that we need to deal with RIGHT NOW.

We can spend all day staving off these unanticipated bits of chaos while letting the big picture stuff get pushed farther and farther down our to-do list because strategic planning and financial analysis don’t give us the same sense of urgency.

The problem is that while we’re elbow deep in a grease trap, our business is stagnating. Independent restaurant operators are a tough, proud group of people who usually came up through the ranks. It can make us feel soft and weak to hide in an office while other people do the “real” work. But unless we’re protecting and growing the business from above, they won’t have any work to do at all.

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